Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Makeup Look!!

I LOVE green looks, and it brings out brown eyes SO well! I'm a little frustrated though...I'm working on trying to get my lighting better...and its just not perfect yet! Once I post the video, let me know what you guys think of the lighting, or if I should change it up a little bit!
Is this a look you are excited to see? Is there anything else you guys have in mind as far as makeup tutorials?
--Carah Amelie


  1. I totally love the look. What are you wearing on your lips?

  2. Love it! I just brought Juxt by MAC and its such a pretty green. I'm curious to see how you did the tutorial so that I can get some ideas on how to wear this color.

  3. Shortly before I found out your youtube channel and we're very sympathic, to someone readminme but I still can not found out who. And i subscribe you and i'm going to watch all your videos:) when I found out that to meet your boyfriend over the internet and say wow ... Because I meet my too, and we are together 2.5 years) and he lives 1h 15 min driving from me :))) its very hard to drive because i dont have a driving licence ... :) i would be very happy to stay in touch with u! Sorry for my bad english, im from Croatia (Europa) :))) love u

  4. nice to meet you zeljka... im glad you enjoy my vids alot! :) yeah, long distance can be hard...but it can also work!! :) work at it, even though its difficult at times! BTW...i have been to Croatia before... beautiful country! i loved it there!