Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some new Makeup.... Review vid coming soon!

I got a blending brush and a flat shader brush! I LOVE the flat shader brush!! It is great for pressing colors on your lid over a base to give you a VERY vivid bright color!! The blending brush is great too. Its definitly more of a stiffer blending brush which is nice sometimes...but I tend to go toward the limper blending brushes...but they are both SUPER soft!!

You guys all know how big of a fan I am of Powder foundations..and I have been wanting to try Palladio's out FOREVER! great product, and great coverage!! Although I'm not a fan of the packaging and the brush inside is low quality. I set this foundation with my mineral veil from Bare minerals!

I love this Palladio blush bronzing compact. its SOOO similar to one of my other favorite products! the Victoria Secret mosaic blush. Although the Palladio one is slightly less sparkly. Still LOVING it though!!

Palladio lips stain!! If you guys remember in one of my makeup tutorials...I mentioned that I liked having I light color underneath of a nude gloss to give my nude lips a slight bit of pink... Just so I don't look dead. Well this is GREAT because it's a light pink stain!! I put my nude gloss over the top and it gives a little color to the nude lip. Then when your gloss wears still have some color to your lips!! I also really like the felt tip smells GREAT too!

Sonia Kashuk concealer palette.... NEW OBSESSION!! I love it more than the hard candy one I have been using!! This reminds me more of my favorite Sephora one...just a little bit thicker in consistency. I KNOW I will be buying this again!

Here is a pic of everything together! :) I also got Some rice paper oil blotters. Great to carry around in your purse so you can keep your face from looking glossy! :)
Keep a look out for a video on these products!! There will also be some clothes in the haul as well... I have been waiting for a forever 21 package for what seems like FOREVER. But I think i just get a little but impatient when i order really hasn't been that long! :)
Thanks for watching and reading lovelies!!
You can buys palladio at or sally's beauty supply
Carah Amelie


  1. Is there a web site to buy palladio online?

  2. or sallys beauty supply

  3. i take that back...its

  4. I have been tracking my f21 package like a stalker! But it still doesn't come any faster LOL. Oh, and I have seen Palladio products at my Nordstrom Rack but haven't tried anything yet. That lip stain packaging looks interesting though!