Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Makeup Look!!

I LOVE green looks, and it brings out brown eyes SO well! I'm a little frustrated though...I'm working on trying to get my lighting better...and its just not perfect yet! Once I post the video, let me know what you guys think of the lighting, or if I should change it up a little bit!
Is this a look you are excited to see? Is there anything else you guys have in mind as far as makeup tutorials?
--Carah Amelie

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shopping without spending!

Most of you know...I'm almost done with my month free of shopping!! (Feb 12th). But I still cant keep myself off the forever 21 website...and putting things in my cart that I "want" but cant buy! ha ha. Does anyone else do this, or is it just me?? Its like shopping..with out the actual spending! ha ha. These are a few things that are sitting there...haunting me...and TEMPTING me.
As far as not shopping... here is a little update. As you all's difficult! It's weird not being able to just purchase something you want...or should I say purchasing 6 things you want. You all know I have bought a few things here and there..that I NEEDED (I really did.) But its actually nice buying something that you need and being like "wow,I don't feel guilty at all buying this because I actually need it"...and I haven't gone out and purchased 16 other things similar that I just kind of want! Its also nice being able to really decide if I REALLY want something that I wont be able to find just anywhere. Rather than things that I think are cute...that I just kinda want...just to buy something. its really refreshing...and I'm loving it! I think as soon as Feb 12th comes around...I'm not going to go on a full out shopping binge.. but I might purchase a few things. As for saving, it does feel good. and buying things I not only want.. but I NEED feels so much less heavy on my shoulders.

Thanks for reading! xoxoxoxoxo

Monday, January 25, 2010

Wedding Day Request!

I have had SOOO many people request to see pics of me and my hubs on my wedding I decided to put it up on my blog for people to see. I didn't want to make a slide show for my beauty YouTube channel has nothing to do with beauty!
These are NOT professional photos..these were candids taken by family and friends. I still need to scan some of my professional ones...but this is just a taste of my wonderful day! I hope you enjoy!!
Thanks for reading!
Carah Amelie

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shopping oh shopping...

Seriously... this has been the most difficult time to decide not to shop for a month, but I guess its testing me.... and I want to prove to myself I can do it. I just found out my hubby is going to be gone for 4 weeks instead of 3...and I seriously just want to cry!! (it's only the fourth day..and this whole time I thought it was 3 weeks). I'm just upset, and when I get upset and bored I want to do the one thing that makes me happy..and that is shop. I don't know why that is and I don't know why I feel the need to. Its weird. When I lived in Portland, I lived literally 5 minutes from the mall...walking distance. my apartment complex was named after the was ridiculous. I guess I just got in the habit of shopping when bored. Whenever I had nothing to do, or had a break in my day, I would just walk over to the mall in 5 seconds and shop. Whether it be "window shop" would always end up in a purchase. Since I moved to my new city...I think my habit has fallowed. TJ maxx and Ross are super close, and whenever I have nothing to do that's where I go...because thats what I always did before!! I don't think its a compulsive shopping disorder by any means... I just think its a horrible habit that I have developed and it's hard to ignore!! It gets my mind off's a passion so it makes me happy... I can focus my attention on that for a couple hours and I'm happy. That is until I spend $100.00 and realize "shit, there goes a half days work! "

Now that my hubby is gone, I have all this free time. I haven't shopped for ANY UNNECESSARY items....which is great....but I'm so temped its not even funny. Its like I almost pull into the TJmaxx parking lot without even thinking "oh not supposed to spend any money right now". I'm at this weird point though...where I want to control it... and I want to save money!! Its not that I'm broke by any means...but people do get broke...and buying unnecessary things will get you there.

I think more than anything I'm just frustrated with my hubby being gone...and I want to make myself happy with my favorite thing!! does anyone else ever feel this way??


Whats with me and shoes lately!

So, as some of you may have noticed...I'm a little bit shoe obsessed. I haven't always been like that though. For some reason when I'm putting together an outfit, shoes are the hardest thing for me to choose. I always feel like my shoes don't match my outfit, and I have no clue why. So with that said...I guess I have learned that...the more shoes you have, the more likely you will have shoes to match your outfit! Am I right?!? ha ha.

So...these two pairs of shoes have been HAUNTING me on and I have been obsessing over them forever. I know I don't need them. I don't even wear high heels that often. I'm on my feet at work all the last thing I want to do is wear 4 inch heels.... BUT I FREAKING want these shoes. ha ha.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shoe sales will always make me feel better!

So as some of you know..I told myself I wasn't going to buy anymore clothes or makeup until feb 12th. Well...I have done GREAT! Except for the fact that is having a boot sale and my other black boots are completely like falling apart. SO, I totally justified it and bought some, which I think makes sense..especially cause my other ones are shot! RIGHT??? So these are the boots I ordered...and I totally could have bought like 3 other pairs...but I didn't because I told myself NO. So give me some props! ha ha. They were only $21.00...that is so freakin cheap!!! Some were only 18-19.00!! seriously! I know...NOW you can give me some serious props for not buying anymore! ha ha

I also had to buy some eyelashes at the store for a makeup look for a vid....which is also a perfectly good reason. :) Other than that, I have controlled myself, and haven't bought anything!

Any who...let me know how you like those boots. They also came in a deep dark chocolate brown..which were amazing. A dark grey...which were also hot! and a light orange brown. I had a hard time choosing..but again... I needed new back ones.

Hope you guys have a great night...time to hop in the shower!! Gotta work tomorrow!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

ELF is finally here!!!

I just realized there is a whole layer in here that you cant see. I didn't pull the sides out completely. There is a great bronzer and blush...and eye brow shade!! you will see it in the vid!

This eye lid primer reminds me alot of UDPP.

These are the bases that i absoluty LOVE!! Im a base fanatic!

FINALLY! My ELF order came in after like 2 1/2 weeks!! So frustrating when you have to wait that long! but it was worth it, because I got some great stuff, and the free gift was awesome! Watch mu haul video on my YouTube to find out how you COULD get a free gift too!! The colors are fantastic, and very pigmented, and they are shades that I would wear everyday, so i was super happy about that!! I also got some more makeup in from Palladio Beauty Group...which I LOVE. There is one product specifically that I am dying for....and I know for a fact I will order it again! I will post a video and blog post about those products as well. I have a great tutorial in mind for that! YAY!
Other than that...I have a lonely couple weeks coming up. Actually make that 3 weeks! My husband has to travel to 3 different cities around the US for work...and its seriously 3 weeks straight! The longest we have ever been apart is like 2 weeks, and that was at the VERY beginning of relationship, so that doesn't really count! ha ha. But I'm going to miss him so much, and I get SUPER scared about his plane trips! I always psyche myself out and think he is going to get in a plane crash. I have always been like that. :( All I know is he is going to make a lot of $$ while he is gone, and I promised myself I wouldn't buy any clothes or makeup for a maybe we can save a little bit this month! ha ha.
That's about it girlie's!! Sorry the lack of vids. I have been trying my hardest to get my HD camera to work with different editing programs and I CANT figure it out!! Not to computer died, so I have been using my hubby's...and ALL my software was on mine. NOT COOL. But I figured out what to there should be a vid up by tomorrow!
Love you guys!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Girls Trip....and favorite people!

I think one of my favorite things to do is head up to portland and stay a couple nights with my cousin and mom. Me and my cousin are like sisters! Literally.... she is the 1 person I can tell absolutly ANYTHING to...and she will never judge me! we have so much fun together. My mom is the same way. (She is in the first pic) We talk on the phone 2 or even 3 times day! haha. I know sounds crazy, but I love it!
I hope you guys have a fab week! and I will post again soon! xoxoxo

Friday, January 8, 2010

I should be a spokesman for TJ maxx

Obviously most of you watch my videos, and already know what i bought at TJs recently but I thought it might be nice to see each item individually. :) I was in dire need of some shopping, and TJ maxx always does it for me because its CHEAP so I don't feel guilty afterwards!

I'm going to do a video soon on some of my favorite fashion websites i like to visit. I have them in my Internet favorites..and they are places that inspire me and give me great ideas for fashion!! I will also post a blog with some pics and the websites. I will also put my favorite online shopping websites too for you guys! :)
Like I said in my video... I will be going to Portland this weekend. We are going to watch a blazer game, and do some shopping! so excited!! :) So you will probably see ANOTHER fashion video soon! Has anyone else noticed how my fashion videos come in waves....its like I do alot of shopping all at once. its kinda weird! :) OH YEAH, my hubby is going to be gone on business for like 3 weeks STRAIGHT! that is so i will have LOTS of time to make videos then too. so the next month is looking good for you guys!

have a great day ladies!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Party in 2010

Soooo, I just wanted to post some pics of me and some friends at new years. I know it has passed, but it was a great time, and I enjoyed the company!! There is nothing I like more than couple beers and board games...and that is pretty much what the weekend consisted of! great times!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Explanation at the bottom! :)

sorry some of these are vertical! I have no clue why.... they are horizontal in my picture folder. :( weiiiird!!

So...I got to thinking about my new years resolutions...and well...none of them really are THAT fun to do. I mean yeah, I want to do them, but I decided to make a resolution for ME that will be enjoyable!

Before I really got into the beauty guru community on YouTube, I was VERY into the art journaling community!! I used to art journal 2-3 pages a day, and LOVED it. Its sooo therapeutic, and so fun to look back on later! Plus it gives me practice for my own art! Art journaling is basically taking any old sketch book, notebook, novel, leather bound journal or ANYTHING for that matter and filling it up with artwork! weather it be sketches with paint, markers and crayons, pencil....stamps, writing, and cut-outs! (anything imaginable really!) and the fun thing about it is that you can make the WORST art imaginable and its OK. Its your one has to see it.... you can be as creatively psycho as you want!! Since I moved into my new house, I have lost my "art area" and so whenever I want to art journal I have to get EVERYTHING out which makes it frustrating. so from now our back spare bedroom i will have my art area. When I need to clean it up I will, and I will leave every ting out when I don't! If you are interested in art journaling check it out on YouTube! Or comment me with any questions!
Good art journal youtube accounts:

Above are some examples of my art journal pages! I have a million more... but that is just a taste!! thanks for reading!