Saturday, January 2, 2010


Explanation at the bottom! :)

sorry some of these are vertical! I have no clue why.... they are horizontal in my picture folder. :( weiiiird!!

So...I got to thinking about my new years resolutions...and well...none of them really are THAT fun to do. I mean yeah, I want to do them, but I decided to make a resolution for ME that will be enjoyable!

Before I really got into the beauty guru community on YouTube, I was VERY into the art journaling community!! I used to art journal 2-3 pages a day, and LOVED it. Its sooo therapeutic, and so fun to look back on later! Plus it gives me practice for my own art! Art journaling is basically taking any old sketch book, notebook, novel, leather bound journal or ANYTHING for that matter and filling it up with artwork! weather it be sketches with paint, markers and crayons, pencil....stamps, writing, and cut-outs! (anything imaginable really!) and the fun thing about it is that you can make the WORST art imaginable and its OK. Its your one has to see it.... you can be as creatively psycho as you want!! Since I moved into my new house, I have lost my "art area" and so whenever I want to art journal I have to get EVERYTHING out which makes it frustrating. so from now our back spare bedroom i will have my art area. When I need to clean it up I will, and I will leave every ting out when I don't! If you are interested in art journaling check it out on YouTube! Or comment me with any questions!
Good art journal youtube accounts:

Above are some examples of my art journal pages! I have a million more... but that is just a taste!! thanks for reading!


  1. i love these beautiful art entries, great post!

  2. i was wondering if you could post some videos on your youtube channel (or on a new channel made for art journalism) how you start your art journal, what materials you use, how you draw your people etc? it might be fun! :)

  3. @lovelybea I have been thinking about it! i need to get proper camera equipment though.

  4. these are sooo awesome, i think im going to make an art journal of my own reallly soon! thanks so much for your inspiration!