Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm ready 2010!!

Me and my hubby are going out with some friends tonight. we all rented a house and are just going to chill tonight and go snowboarding tomorrow!! should be a good time! I'm excited for the new year...lets hope this one doesn't go by as fast as 2009!!! Seriously, it just flew by!! I was trying to think of some new years resolutions, and this is what i came up with!

--EAT and STAY healthy. I don't want to lose weight just put healthier things into my body. and exercise more....when i can (I'm not going to make some ridiculous goal like "work out 3 times a week...because i KNOW that wont happen! haha)

--Pass out more business cards. Even if i feel stupid sometimes...I will do it anyways!

--That leads a larger clientele! Now that I have switched salons, I have to work on this again!! its alot of work...I have an amount of $$ in my head that I want to make every month... so that is my goal!

that's about it. those are things I really do think iIcan do. I hate when I make really unrealistic goals for myself that wont happen.

I wouldn't say I'm the best at keeping my new years resolution though. I should just make a resolution NOT to make a resolution! but that would mean i didn't meet my resolution because i made one...and that would defeat the whole purpose, and again...I would be a failure! haha...deep!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


If you fallow my twitter you all know I went snowboarding today!! It was my first time ever on a mountain, and I have pretty much lived next door to one my whole life. Sad I know. It was alot of fun, but OMG my bum is SO freakin sore! I got it down pretty quickly, but as soon as I started to go fast I would get scared because I knew I would either crash....or kind of slow down then either way it would hurt. I need to get more confidence, especially in the slowing down, stopping, and turning department. LOL. Also, getting of the ski lifts was terrifying! I didn't know what to expect, and the first time I crashed so freakin hard, and I think that's why my tail bone hurts so bad! after that first fall off the lift i was scared every time, but I started to get it at the end, and I didn't even crash when I would get off! Snowboarding is definitely one of those confidence sports... where if you have any hesitation you will probably fall... you cant half ass it, you have to commit to any move you do. Whenever I try something new, I always want to be the best at it right away...and I get frustrated when I'm not. ugh.... poor husband...he was a good teacher though...not ONE fight! haha
I WILL get better, I just need practice....and a nice bath and massage! haha. Oh well, at least I had stylish gear and looked likeI knew what I was doing right? :-P

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Goodies

First of all I hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas and Happy Holidays!!
Christmas has come and gone SO fast this year, its just crazy to me!! I feel like I didn't get to do half the things i usually do this time of year! Part of it is because my grandma had a HUGE surgery 2 days before x-mas, which was a major stress on all of us! She gets to go home tomorrow!!! We pretty much couldn't focus on anything but getting her into and out of the hospital healthy and happy!
Any who... I decided to post a blog about some makeup/fashion related things I got for Christmas this year! I have such a wonderful family and wonderful husband, and I feel blessed every single day! Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday, I just love spending it with everyone I love. I cant believe it has passed already!

-MAC lipstick in viva glam 1
-fedora to feed my hat addiction
-cashmere scarf from my hubs!
-white beaded beret
-coastal scents 88 warm palette
-coastal scents contour and blush palette
-Bath and body works lotions and sprays! YUMMY
-and best of all 9 amazing MAC brushes from my AMAZING hubby! i LOVE you!! :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hair and Avatar!

what do you guys think of this hair?? like it? if so... tune into my YouTube within the next couple of days to see it!!! Just something quick and EASY i do when I'm running low on time! :) Cant beat that right!
Also, keep a look out for a new HAUL!! i know right! its about freaking time!! ha ha
Me and my husband watched Avatar yesterday!!! SO amazing! best movie i have seen in a VERY long time!! Actually my husbands favorite movie is Gladiator, and he said Avatar is right there along with it...He might have even liked it better! It was so artistic, and the story was amazing! You almost forget you are watching cartoon sometimes! Check it out, and let me know what you guys thought! :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

OOTD and blogging

Just wanted to do a little update on my outfit of the day! :) i will still do them on YouTube, but here and there i will also do them on here! :) I like this outfit, it was SUPER comfy, by made me look a little bit boxy and wider than i actually am! ha ha. oh well... :-P
Its been a very slow day today. I don't mind a slow day here and there...but switching salons recently, I have been waiting for my clients to make the switch. Also, being that I have never leased a station at a salon, its very new for me. I have only been living in this city for a little over a year, so I'm still building my clientele. Its always hard starting out in a new place...but it will be worth it soon! Although, soon I will be doing some free lance make up for a little makeup store called Dulce vita (similar to a small version of sephora)! Which makes me SO happy! i have always loved makeup...and living in Portland, i worked on so many different sets and runway shows, so moving here I had to give that part of me up. So hopefully that falls together, and things go smoothly there!
Other than that, I have been x-mas shopping my booty off! I'm finally done!! YAY! I'm so excited for Christmas...i just love buying things for people....sometimes i go a little over board on people. ha ha.
Alright ladies...
I'm out!
Love ya!

what is with my blog!!

Im sorry guys, my blogger thing is being soooo annoying! for some reason i cant post pictures or anything! wheres the fun in blogging if you dont have pictures!! :) so until this gets fixed, i cant blog for a while! im sorry! but thanks for following me anyways!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

future makeup looks??

So, i have been thinking about some celeb make-up tutorials that i can do, and i freaking LOVE these looks!! especially Gwen Stefani's!! although i am a HUGE fan of Gwen stefani so anything she wears i love. ha ha...i think i am even in the no doubt international fan club, and everything. its my secret obsession! :) ha ha. so what do you guys think of these looks?? any of them catch your eye more than the others?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So you guys are probably wondering why a uploaded a pic of Stephanie Pratt! well....its not because of her...its because of her AMAZING shoes! i want them SO bad, but i cant figure out what brand they are. they look like converse, but they AREN' me, i e-mailed the company and everything. If anyone has a clue...please let me know! i saw Ellen page wearing a pair as well...but they were black! I'm praying they are at least reasonably priced and not hella $$! because i want them! :)

i posted a new make up look on my blog today! its a golden Christmas this photo it looks golden orange...which is weird, cause it didn't look like that in person. either way though, its Gorg!
I'm going to upload a new years smoky eye video look out for that. i actually have a few good video ideas, but i want to wait until after x-mas because i know I'm getting some things that i will need to make them! my makeup tutorials are going to be so much better! Not only husband MADE me open my x-mas present early saying "YOU HAVE to open it before are going to need it...its for snowboarding!!" and all these other untrue things. he is so bad, he can NEVER wait until x-mas...he gets SO excited. So of course i fell for it, and i opened the gift! surprise surprise! it was an HD video camera!! :) although i cant use it to make videos yet because i need to buy a new editing doesn't work with my old one. but OMG, you are going to see every pimple on my face! ha ha..
any who.... thanks lovelies for reading and watching! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Post!!

Hey guys!! i just wanted to start this blog to share things that you might not get on youtube!! i get a lot of questions about my life, so i thought this would be the place to answer them!! Also, i just wanted to thank all my youtube subs.... you guys definatly make youtube what it is, and i love going on there and seeing all your sweet comments! thanks for all the love! i do this for you!

Besides all that.... The holidays are going great so far! i wanted to share some pics with you guys of my thanksgiving and....x-mas tree! haha. This is my first x-mas tree i have ever had on my own. Well...i used to have this fake palm tree that i used to decorate, but this is my first actual tree. Its fake though...haha...but hey, it will be cheaper in the long run, and its SOOOO easy to pack up and put away!!!

here are some pics, hope you enjoy!!

Me and my baby Yuki (Yuksters, the Sters, Yukaleili, Yuker dukers) infront of our new tree!! so pretty!!!! haha, this is such a cheesy picture!!

Me and my Cousin Chelsea about ready to eat!!..... we are like sisters..... she is one year younger than me and was the maid of honor in my wedding!!!

This is the amazing table scape my mom put together. She is seriously like the next Martha Stewert!! but I love it! :)