Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This has been HIGHLY requested!!! :) This is not everything I have done in the past, and some of it is very old...or even sold!! I hope you guys enjoy! thanks for your support!! LOL, btw... I had to edit this dumb post like 50 times to get it right... >_<

Self Portrait
Untitled sketch
Untitled sketch
Off Hours
On Fire
Blue Martini
Untitled Sketch

Carah Amelie

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Revlon Lippies


As alot of you know... I'm a HUGE fan of Revlon lipsticks!! I looove them. The formula is great, they don't dry out your lips, AND they dont break or bend backwards into the container...(which I have noticed with lipsticks like the MAC creamsheens and NYC lipsticks). They are also very affordable. I believe they are around $6.00. I bought these 3 today, and I'm in love with every color!!! Definitely colors I will wear frequently. They are all super natural, and colors that don't over power any makeup look!! :)

thanks for reading,
Carah Amelie

Monday, April 26, 2010

About me....

holiday: Christmas!!
color: Yellow or purple (but not to wear though... ^_^)
clothing brand: does Forever 21 count as a clothing brand? haha
makeup brand: MAC, and bare minerals... i use their face products!! :)
lip stick color: Hug me by MAC
animal: Cats and flamingos!! haha
vacation spot: nothing beats Maui Hawaii... and DISNEYLAND... that is the one place i will never eveeeer get sick of!!
singer: Alanis Morrisette
band: No doubt, Sublime, The black keys and Eve 6
restaurant: Macaroni Grill, and Portland City Grill... (memories ^_^)
nail polish color: Barefoot in Barcelona or Mrs. O'Learys BBQ... both OPI
cat or dog: CATS!! I'm not a dog person AT ALL... kinda nervous around them...
beach or mountains: Beach... i have tried snowboarding a few times and it just hasn't worked out for me yet....
basketball or football: Basketball!! i was a cheerleader for football in high school and i still don't get it... sad i know.
taking pics or being in the pic: BOTH!! :)
rock or Country:ROCK for sure... i have never been a country fan..
chocolate or vanilla:chocolate... i hate vanilla ice cream, even with toppings... BORING!
listening or talking: listening..then giving advice!
pedicure or manicure: pedicure!! i have horrible fingernails, and nothing could fix them... plus i loove foot massages!
breakfast or no breakfast: breakfast!! I'm always starving in the mornings, and if i don't eat, i get super hungry.
night owl or early bird: Both actually... it depends what mode my body is in at the time. sometimes i stay up really late... but i guess i usually don't wake up TOO late. so i don't know.. both.. haha
sushi or fast food: sushi!! i gave up fast food about 4 years ago...
lots of acquaintances or a small group of GOOD friends: small group of close friends!
do you have a tattoo? no... i might get one eventually though... I'm kind of a over analytical person and i would probably over analyze the tattoo and find everything wrong about it... haha don't ask me why.
any piercings? my ears and nose
have you ever cheated on someone? hell no... i would never sink to that level.
have you ever been cheated on? nope! not that i know of! :)
are you in love? Very much so!!
name 3 places you would like to travel: Tokyo japan is definitely #1, Thailand, annnnnd..hmm... New York City... :)
what are your passions? makeup, hair, FASHION, art/art journals, my cats, my husband, YouTube... :)
what is ONE great memory from your past..details!! (it can be small or big): walking along the Portland waterfront with my husband on this beautiful sunny day. i was wearing a little red dress, and we just sat in the grass and people watched. then went to dinner and sat outside we took lots of pics... and i love looking at them because i was so happy that day
what would you do with a million dollars? buy a new house, and my husband a new car, go on a shopping spree... and save the rest. :)
Thanks for reading guys!! i hope this was interesting to read! have a wonderful night!!!
Carah Amelie

Monday, April 19, 2010

Being Quiet!

I don't know about anyone else... but WHY is it that being a "quiet" person such a bad thing?? I have always been a quiet person. Naturally i am just on the shy side, and I am a listener rather than a talker. I personally don't think there is anything wrong with that at all. But for some reason its a big deal to everyone else. Its always been a huge annoyance...or "pet peeve" for me. I hate hearing... "Carah, why are you so quiet!" "Jeez Carah, are you bored?" or "That's the most I have heard Carah talk in a long time!"... Seriously... SO annoying. I'm NOT a crazy center of attention..please-listen-to-my-amazing-story type of person. You would never say to someone... "Jeez, why are you so loud and obnoxious" or "wow, that's the first time you have shut up in a long time!!"
I guess that's why shy people think they have such a personality flaw. I have always felt dumb for being quiet.. because people make such a big deal out of it. I LOVE having conversations, and i like talking to people. But when I'm in HUGE groups... i sit back, and observe my surroundings... I DON'T understand what is wrong with that.
I don't know, maybe it makes people feel uncomfortable. I am NOT judgemental AT ALL... i would consider myself the least judgemental person I know. Maybe its because i hate being judged myself. I'm not really sure.
I guess I'm just tired of feeling judged for being the person that I am. I AM judged because people say things about it all the time. This has always been an issue that has bugged the crap out of me.... ALWAYS. Even other quiet people call me quiet. What is the big freakin deal. I always open up to people that i feel comfortable around and i talk alot and make a fool out of myself! lol. Maybe the reason I don't open up to you is because I DON'T feel comfortable around you! We could always take you into consideration... maybe YOUR personality doesn't do anything for ME. but I'm not sitting here judging you about it.
I guess i just needed to vent. let me know if anyone knows how i feel... i am sure more people feel this way than i think.
anyways... thanks for listening.... and sorry about the bad grammar... like i said... it was venting!! haha ^_~
Carah Amelie

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Inspired by MAC cosmetics

Just wanted to make a spread inspired by the one and only MAC cosmetics!! I love the vibe. Black with pops of neon.... amazing! ^_^ I hope everyong is havig an amazing weekend. Weekends like this make me realize how lucky I am. Always focus on the things that YOU do have... and dont worry about thing things that you dont.

Monday, April 5, 2010

oooooh MAC... Can't get enough of you!

I am loving gleam. super similar to all that glitters but a little pinker! love it!

This is a creamsheen in Cream Cup. Its actually MUCH pinker on your lips than it looks! It suprised a good way! ^_^

I went on a TINY mac binge today... nothing too big... but I had an odd yet very intense urge to buy mac today...and i had to fullfill that urge. So I went and picked up some AMAZING spring things which im totally pumped about!! YAY! Like I said in a few of my videos... my new obsession for spring is pink lips!! So I couldn't pass up a creamy pink lipstick...beautiful!! But for some reason it didn't really stop the urge. I want to go back tomorrow. haha. But I wont.... from now on.. I am allowing myself 3 MAC products a month... period. I think that sounds fair!! what do you think??

Do what you LOVE

If I could give one piece of advice to every single person on the planet... it would be to do what you love..even if you don't make any money. I have done so many things in my life... because I loved it...and I didn't care about money....and it always got me somewhere. When I was young I never really pictured myself as the "go getter" type. But as I have gotten older, I have definitely grown into that person (which suprises me alot actually!!) Whenever I want to do something... I do it. Not for any reason but because I love it and I want to do it. For example. When I lived in Portland.. I decided I want to be a free lance makeup artist. I researched the best way to go about it, and did it. I didn't get paid a penny when I started.. but that didn't matter, because it was a hobby and I enjoyed doing it on my spare time. Eventually, as my portfolio grew, and my network started to grow... I found myself in paying positions doing makeup for all sorts of things!! Who knew!!
Art was the same thing for me. I loved doing it and didn't really care if I made money. But one day I decided I wanted to have an art show. So what did I do?? did the research and had one... then another one. I was so overjoyed with the fact that I got an art show, I didn't really care whether I got paid. But before I knew it, my art was out there, and people were paying me to paint pictures of their kids or for their kids, and I was selling at LEAST 1 piece a month!! again... who knew!
That's what brings me to YouTube. After watching a few videos here and there of makeup and fashion.. I was like... I can do that!! and decided... what the hell... I will!! :) I didn't care what anyone else thought...I just went for it. I didn't even know you could make money.. but it was SO enjoyable to me. it was seriously a hobby that I loved. I enjoyed meeting new people, and helping other girls out with anything beauty and fashion related! After making videos for a while I realized I could make it into a business... and that's what happened!! Now look at me, I'm making money for doing what I LOVE...and doing something that I would do even if I didnt make money!!!
I guess what I'm trying to say is... don't WORRY about money. Don't worry about only doing things that will make you alot of it. Do things because you love to do them. Do things that you would do whether you would get paid or not!! I have had so many experiences where everything works out... even if I never would have thought they would!! Also... don't be afraid to go out there and reach for your dreams. Do research.. ask people questions.. and you never know.. you might meet the right person and the right time that could make things happen for you!! It has for me in many different areas of my life and I couldn't be more thankful!!
Now, all I want to do is help others with their dreams. If I could give everyone a shoutout on Youtube I would ( but I cant... >_<) DONT worry about what others might think of you. Work hard at things you love..and do them FOR YOU.. don't not do them for your mom and dad, friends and family. Thats not a way to live life. :)
Carah Amelie

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring and summer must haves!

So I decided to put together a collage of some spring and summer clothes that I think are MUST haves for these coming seasons!! I'm LOVING florals alot this year. Even though no matter what... florals will always be in for spring.. this year is different for me. haha. I'm obsessed! Feathers too!! :)
Hear is the list I came up with:
-Floral Prints
-Baggy light see through material
-Baggy tanks
-Striped high waisted pencil skirt! (It would look great with a baggy tank over the top..NOT tucked in)
-Statement rings
-At least ONE piece of turquoise jewelry
-Pink Lipstick
-Funky pastel nail polish
-A bundle of miss matched bracelets!
-Nude pumps
-Tan colored leather (shoes and belts)
-St least one tan or nude waist belt! (great for belting everything!!)
-A great pair of cut off shorts
-A pair of high wasted shorts (on the baggier side)
Long necklaces

Thanks for reading!!

Carah Amelie