Monday, April 26, 2010

About me....

holiday: Christmas!!
color: Yellow or purple (but not to wear though... ^_^)
clothing brand: does Forever 21 count as a clothing brand? haha
makeup brand: MAC, and bare minerals... i use their face products!! :)
lip stick color: Hug me by MAC
animal: Cats and flamingos!! haha
vacation spot: nothing beats Maui Hawaii... and DISNEYLAND... that is the one place i will never eveeeer get sick of!!
singer: Alanis Morrisette
band: No doubt, Sublime, The black keys and Eve 6
restaurant: Macaroni Grill, and Portland City Grill... (memories ^_^)
nail polish color: Barefoot in Barcelona or Mrs. O'Learys BBQ... both OPI
cat or dog: CATS!! I'm not a dog person AT ALL... kinda nervous around them...
beach or mountains: Beach... i have tried snowboarding a few times and it just hasn't worked out for me yet....
basketball or football: Basketball!! i was a cheerleader for football in high school and i still don't get it... sad i know.
taking pics or being in the pic: BOTH!! :)
rock or Country:ROCK for sure... i have never been a country fan..
chocolate or vanilla:chocolate... i hate vanilla ice cream, even with toppings... BORING!
listening or talking: listening..then giving advice!
pedicure or manicure: pedicure!! i have horrible fingernails, and nothing could fix them... plus i loove foot massages!
breakfast or no breakfast: breakfast!! I'm always starving in the mornings, and if i don't eat, i get super hungry.
night owl or early bird: Both actually... it depends what mode my body is in at the time. sometimes i stay up really late... but i guess i usually don't wake up TOO late. so i don't know.. both.. haha
sushi or fast food: sushi!! i gave up fast food about 4 years ago...
lots of acquaintances or a small group of GOOD friends: small group of close friends!
do you have a tattoo? no... i might get one eventually though... I'm kind of a over analytical person and i would probably over analyze the tattoo and find everything wrong about it... haha don't ask me why.
any piercings? my ears and nose
have you ever cheated on someone? hell no... i would never sink to that level.
have you ever been cheated on? nope! not that i know of! :)
are you in love? Very much so!!
name 3 places you would like to travel: Tokyo japan is definitely #1, Thailand, annnnnd..hmm... New York City... :)
what are your passions? makeup, hair, FASHION, art/art journals, my cats, my husband, YouTube... :)
what is ONE great memory from your past..details!! (it can be small or big): walking along the Portland waterfront with my husband on this beautiful sunny day. i was wearing a little red dress, and we just sat in the grass and people watched. then went to dinner and sat outside we took lots of pics... and i love looking at them because i was so happy that day
what would you do with a million dollars? buy a new house, and my husband a new car, go on a shopping spree... and save the rest. :)
Thanks for reading guys!! i hope this was interesting to read! have a wonderful night!!!
Carah Amelie


  1. Ho are you was in barcelona, ho my god ym from Barcelona.

  2. i went on a cruise and i stopped in barcelona!! so beautiful! loved it there.

  3. is carah ur first name? is amelie ur middle or last name is not lat namethn what is?

  4. o plus how do u pronounce carah

  5. carah is my first amelie is my middle...

    its pronounced... Care-uh Am-elle-ee