Monday, April 5, 2010

oooooh MAC... Can't get enough of you!

I am loving gleam. super similar to all that glitters but a little pinker! love it!

This is a creamsheen in Cream Cup. Its actually MUCH pinker on your lips than it looks! It suprised a good way! ^_^

I went on a TINY mac binge today... nothing too big... but I had an odd yet very intense urge to buy mac today...and i had to fullfill that urge. So I went and picked up some AMAZING spring things which im totally pumped about!! YAY! Like I said in a few of my videos... my new obsession for spring is pink lips!! So I couldn't pass up a creamy pink lipstick...beautiful!! But for some reason it didn't really stop the urge. I want to go back tomorrow. haha. But I wont.... from now on.. I am allowing myself 3 MAC products a month... period. I think that sounds fair!! what do you think??


  1. such pretty colors...might have to go get paradisco. haha

  2. Tempting is one of my favorite gold e/s! I know what you mean about MAC - it's a serious addiction!

  3. MAC is definitely addicting. i feel like I have to own more and more and more :[ love those colors!! <3