Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring and summer must haves!

So I decided to put together a collage of some spring and summer clothes that I think are MUST haves for these coming seasons!! I'm LOVING florals alot this year. Even though no matter what... florals will always be in for spring.. this year is different for me. haha. I'm obsessed! Feathers too!! :)
Hear is the list I came up with:
-Floral Prints
-Baggy light see through material
-Baggy tanks
-Striped high waisted pencil skirt! (It would look great with a baggy tank over the top..NOT tucked in)
-Statement rings
-At least ONE piece of turquoise jewelry
-Pink Lipstick
-Funky pastel nail polish
-A bundle of miss matched bracelets!
-Nude pumps
-Tan colored leather (shoes and belts)
-St least one tan or nude waist belt! (great for belting everything!!)
-A great pair of cut off shorts
-A pair of high wasted shorts (on the baggier side)
Long necklaces

Thanks for reading!!

Carah Amelie


  1. I like see these shorts and platform sandals in one of your videos. Excuseme for my bad english.
    Best wishes.

  2. Do you know where the "ciao" tank is from? It's sooo cute!

  3. i love all the things in your list :D pretty much need to buy them all