Thursday, November 4, 2010

No more blog.... WAIT..what?

haha.. okay. So you are probably wondering what the hell I am talking about with the title of this post. BUT...if you fallow me on might already know.

This blog has been really fun to keep up on! I love blogging.... BUT, i have SOO many profiles...and websites to keep up on, I decided I wanted to consolidate all of them into one. Thats why me and my husband decided to create a website. My husband LOVES creating websites, so he was very excited to work with me on this.

With the website, we will be able to keep up on it SO much easier... which means I will be posting SO MUCH MORE!! There is an outfit of the week blog that will be updated once a week maybe more... a review blog that I will also update once a week... AND my personal blog where I will be talking about all things beauty and personal stuff!! ALSO... there is an awesome outfit maker that my husband made.. i dont know how he does this stuff!! There will be Tips, swatches, exclusive videos... pretty much everything you can imagine.. AND all in one spot so you dont have to fallow me in 100 different places! YAY

All I ask is for you guys to check it out... and if you like it, add it to your favorites so you can visit any time you want...and you can even create an account! there is still a little work to be done, but for the most part its completely up and running!!!

Thank you all for the support on this blog!! it means so much to me that you are interested in my life, and want to learn beauty tips from me!!! love you girls!!

See you there! :)

Carah Amelie

Monday, November 1, 2010

Carrie Bradshaw Bun

So I watched Sex and the City 2 last night.. and of course... I got incredibly inspired!! How can you not get inspired when you watch that movie. One part that I loved specifically was when Carrie was forcing Bigg to go out with her in NYC. She had the most beautiful elegant bun in her hair.. and I LOVED it!! I wanted to do an elegant spin off of that.... kind of a "Do it yourself version" considering she probably had 20 stylists working on her at once. haha. Anyway... what do you think.. is this something you want to see a vid on. I already filmed it.. but I would like your input before I edit!

thanks everyone!!!

Carah Amelie

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My purchase from MAC Venomous Villains!

I know I know, I have put this off like you wouldn't believe. BUT... I also wanted to try the products out for a while so I could tell you guys what I think!! Lets just say the packaging wasn't AS BAD as I thought. It's alright... but I think they could have been more creative with it. :) As far as the product inside... LOVE it!!

You all know I am a huge fan of purple eye shadow! Its my go to color! This is the perfect purple because its bright enough to look purple when you apply it, but its still not over the top. Some purples you might notice havea more muted brown color when you apply. Although... One thing I dislike about the purple one is the blending quality. Its a little hard to blend... but if you work it its fine. I have noticed the Mattes by MAC are that way most of the time.

The white shadow however is amazing!!!! My new favorite Highlight.

I decided on the beauty powder in Briar Rose because I have never bought a beauty powder before. I have been hesitant because I have heard that they are very unpigmented usually. But I really truly LOVE this!! Its the perfect baby pink that doesn't have any peach tones that show through!! definitely a good purchase!

For the lip gloss....I like it....The color is great and perfect over any lipstick! I'm not sure what finish its in... I'm thinking lustre finish... Its a little on the sticky side... but I don't mind it too much.

Carah Amelie

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween- Forest Fairy

So I don't normally like to do this..... give hints as to what my next video is going to be. BUT I am really excited about this look and this video!! I wanted to do something really cheap. For the costume all I had to buy was the wings...the rest was all from my closet already! As for the make-up... all the products are very easy to find dupes for... especially if you have any 88 palette!! Tell me what you think. The video will be up tomorrow!

Carah Amelie

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baby Carah

I got a request on formspring asking me to post baby pictures on my blog. I actually felt weird doing this, dont really ask me why. haha. But why not :) I had a few on my computer that I used for me and Trav's wedding slide show. :) I know this is random and has nothing to do with makeup or hair... but hey, it was requested! enjoy

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Meet my Doggie! Appa Honoo

So, If you follow me on twitter you know me and my husband got a dog. You also know I have never every in my life been a dog person... and was always SCARED of dogs. I remember my first dog was a black lab, and still a puppy, and I was scared to death of that thing. My parents finally had to get rid of him because I wouldn't go outside. I feel kinda bad now.... my brother could never have a dog because of me.... but you cant help your fears right?! haha. So when my husband said he REALLLLLLY wanted a dog, I was hesitant!! BUT being married you do have to compromise...and because it was important to him, I thought I would see how it worked!

So far so good. He is a good dog, not too hyper which i HATE!!! He doesn't jump up on your or anything. He is 2 years old and a Australian Shepherd and retriever mix. We named him Appa after the flying buffalo on "Avatar the Last Airbender"...and Honoo for this middle name which means "flame" in japanese! We tend to like Asian names... (hence our cats...Yuki Lapoof and Jubei I just hope my cats get used to him. I love my cats more than anything in the whole world, and i really don't want them to be sad or scared. I have heard of cats getting on anti depressants... poor little things! One of my cats is doing OK, but the other one is scared to death. lol. :(

Anyways, Wish me luck!!

Looks like Appa and Yuki are already comfortable! :)

Carah Amelie

Friday, September 17, 2010

Kiss Kiss...Bang Bang....

UGH.... I was getting so freakin sick of my hair, so I randomly, and quickly decided to chop off my bangs. I am not the type to change my hair bangs and color is the only thing I do when I need a dramatic change. Plus, I cant part my hair down the middle unless I have bangs, and I love the that was another reason. My husband asked me if I filmed a video on it, and I said no...and he said "uh, well that was stupid..." LOL... yes it was, but when I get the urge, sometimes I just have to go with it. Next time I cut them I will do a video :)

Carah Amelie

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Forever 21 Fall Picks

First off is a good pair of tights...either plain black or a pair with a pattern, These are amazing in the fall underneath a pair of denim or black shorts...and booties or calf height boots!

You all know a statement necklace is my thing to spice up a plain outfit... this one is amazing and something I definitely have my eye on!

I LOVE this shirt!!!! I love the cut out on the shoulders!!! omg...WANT!!! I might make a tutorial on how to cut a t-shirt like this! ^_^

This is just awesome. I love the fall colors in this top!! At the same time, it still has that summer bohemian feel. Perfect top for thanksgiving dinner!! :)

Definitely a must have for this fall is a small satchel purse. I got my first one recently (a little late on this trend) and I LOVE them. They are super stylish and small so you don't have a sore shoulder at the end of a long day. haha

So cute. These are another statement piece that would make any simple outfit look more elegant and chic. Not only that... I looove the color of the gems!! so Fall-ish. haha

An infinity scarf is a great thing to have this fall as well. Especially for those days you just want to be comfy and warm!! I want one in bright scarlet red, and mustard yellow!

Feathers, feathers, feathers.... one of my biggest obsession this fall, especially in earrings!! so cute!

As alot of you have seen in most of my fashion vids... i like to rock my cropped motorcycle leather jacket! its perfect for high waisted skirts, and a cover up for almost anything. Definitely a must buy!

CLOGS!! love these! especially with the shorts with tights trend!!

a chunky sweater cardigan is another essential for those comfy cold fall days. skinny jeans, booties, and a statement necklace would be amazing with this.

CARGO SKINNIES! I have been looking everywhere for a good pair of these! I know Sears has a good pair too. :)

Booties are great too because they keep your feet warm!! I personally look for booties with a low heal that I can wear all day without sore feet!! Lace up booties are definitely an extra bonus! :P

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall and Winter Boots

So, as most of you know... Boots are my go to shoe in the Fall and Winter. Its pretty much all I wear. The only thing I hate is finding the PERFECT pair! Here are 2 pairs that I have found this year that I'm beyond excited for! Check them out!! :)

Have you ever had a piece of clothing in your head...that you have pretty much designed yourself and something you are determined to find?? I used to do that with Prom dresses all the time. I would have a picture of this perfect dress in my mind...and if I didn't find it, I would be disappointed. (Most of the time I didn't find it..and would have to settle for something else. lol) Well...that's what happened with these boots. These boots are the perfect example of your "dream shoe" Something you were determined to find.. but don't know if they exist! Haha. They had the heel height, the tight ankle, the laces, the leather, the hooks, and the price.....everything i was looking for. and the best thing about it was..... they were at Rue 21 for about $30.00!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes! LOL.. I told my husband that even though we weren't going to buy anything we didn't "need" this month... these babies were an exception. lol. this next pair was from TJ Maxx. A client of mine told me that she found a great pair of boots of course it tempted me to go check it out. Deep down I didn't think I would find a pair I liked... because last time I was there I didn't see any... but I thought I would give it a try. As I was browsing the shoes... there it was.... a lonely black boot calling my name. But there was only ONE!!! I couldn't find the partner! I looked all over the freakin shoe dept determined to find the match... it took me FOREVER, but I finally found it, and it was worth the hunt!! haha. They were on the expensive side.... $50.00 but they are amazing. they aren't too tall so I can wear them everyday and they are more fitted around the calf. I HATE boots that are too baggy around the calf area. They also have the little knit leg warmer coming out of the top! PERFECT!! I'm set for boots now. The only thing I am looking for now is a simple pair of flat brown ones.

So... the two places you all should check for boots this year are Rue 21 and TJ maxx. Good prices and CUTE!!!

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading

Carah Amelie

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Swap: Barry M and Sleek

So I just got done doing a swap with a friend of mine on YouTube/twitter (Joybunny24) She is the sweetest, and from England... So I got to receive alot of amazing things that we can't get in the US!! OMG, I was sooo stoked on getting these sleek palettes! She sent me the "Storm" and the "orignial" palettes! She also sent some Barry M pigments and a palette! yay!! I used to original palette today on my eyes, and I love it (see below). The colors are very pigmented, but a little powdery. I usually don't like powdery but these aren't as bad as others. They are still VERY blendable and usable!! :) What do you guys think...should i do a tutorial with them!? :)

Original Palette

Storm Palette

Beautiful eye look using the original palette!

thanks for reading!!