Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall and Winter Boots

So, as most of you know... Boots are my go to shoe in the Fall and Winter. Its pretty much all I wear. The only thing I hate is finding the PERFECT pair! Here are 2 pairs that I have found this year that I'm beyond excited for! Check them out!! :)

Have you ever had a piece of clothing in your head...that you have pretty much designed yourself and something you are determined to find?? I used to do that with Prom dresses all the time. I would have a picture of this perfect dress in my mind...and if I didn't find it, I would be disappointed. (Most of the time I didn't find it..and would have to settle for something else. lol) Well...that's what happened with these boots. These boots are the perfect example of your "dream shoe" Something you were determined to find.. but don't know if they exist! Haha. They had the heel height, the tight ankle, the laces, the leather, the hooks, and the price.....everything i was looking for. and the best thing about it was..... they were at Rue 21 for about $30.00!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes! LOL.. I told my husband that even though we weren't going to buy anything we didn't "need" this month... these babies were an exception. lol. this next pair was from TJ Maxx. A client of mine told me that she found a great pair of boots of course it tempted me to go check it out. Deep down I didn't think I would find a pair I liked... because last time I was there I didn't see any... but I thought I would give it a try. As I was browsing the shoes... there it was.... a lonely black boot calling my name. But there was only ONE!!! I couldn't find the partner! I looked all over the freakin shoe dept determined to find the match... it took me FOREVER, but I finally found it, and it was worth the hunt!! haha. They were on the expensive side.... $50.00 but they are amazing. they aren't too tall so I can wear them everyday and they are more fitted around the calf. I HATE boots that are too baggy around the calf area. They also have the little knit leg warmer coming out of the top! PERFECT!! I'm set for boots now. The only thing I am looking for now is a simple pair of flat brown ones.

So... the two places you all should check for boots this year are Rue 21 and TJ maxx. Good prices and CUTE!!!

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading

Carah Amelie


  1. Look on Cutesy girl, they have SO many for SO cheap right now!

  2. Great choices, I am in love with the 1st pair...I am still in search of the Rogeri boot, but still no luck :(

  3. I got those boots from rue 21 too! They're my dream boots too :D

  4. How would u Carah & anyone on this response box would style the 1st pair of boots with!? I'm a lil confused. Im looking to try new things! This is the pair of boots I c in the store & love but don't buy it! Help! Thanks.

  5. I actually found the second pair of boots (the one from TJ Max) on Charlotte Russe's website.