Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Post!!

Hey guys!! i just wanted to start this blog to share things that you might not get on youtube!! i get a lot of questions about my life, so i thought this would be the place to answer them!! Also, i just wanted to thank all my youtube subs.... you guys definatly make youtube what it is, and i love going on there and seeing all your sweet comments! thanks for all the love! i do this for you!

Besides all that.... The holidays are going great so far! i wanted to share some pics with you guys of my thanksgiving and....x-mas tree! haha. This is my first x-mas tree i have ever had on my own. Well...i used to have this fake palm tree that i used to decorate, but this is my first actual tree. Its fake though...haha...but hey, it will be cheaper in the long run, and its SOOOO easy to pack up and put away!!!

here are some pics, hope you enjoy!!

Me and my baby Yuki (Yuksters, the Sters, Yukaleili, Yuker dukers) infront of our new tree!! so pretty!!!! haha, this is such a cheesy picture!!

Me and my Cousin Chelsea about ready to eat!!..... we are like sisters..... she is one year younger than me and was the maid of honor in my wedding!!!

This is the amazing table scape my mom put together. She is seriously like the next Martha Stewert!! but I love it! :)

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