Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shoe sales will always make me feel better!

So as some of you know..I told myself I wasn't going to buy anymore clothes or makeup until feb 12th. Well...I have done GREAT! Except for the fact that is having a boot sale and my other black boots are completely like falling apart. SO, I totally justified it and bought some, which I think makes sense..especially cause my other ones are shot! RIGHT??? So these are the boots I ordered...and I totally could have bought like 3 other pairs...but I didn't because I told myself NO. So give me some props! ha ha. They were only $21.00...that is so freakin cheap!!! Some were only 18-19.00!! seriously! I know...NOW you can give me some serious props for not buying anymore! ha ha

I also had to buy some eyelashes at the store for a makeup look for a vid....which is also a perfectly good reason. :) Other than that, I have controlled myself, and haven't bought anything!

Any who...let me know how you like those boots. They also came in a deep dark chocolate brown..which were amazing. A dark grey...which were also hot! and a light orange brown. I had a hard time choosing..but again... I needed new back ones.

Hope you guys have a great night...time to hop in the shower!! Gotta work tomorrow!


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