Friday, January 8, 2010

I should be a spokesman for TJ maxx

Obviously most of you watch my videos, and already know what i bought at TJs recently but I thought it might be nice to see each item individually. :) I was in dire need of some shopping, and TJ maxx always does it for me because its CHEAP so I don't feel guilty afterwards!

I'm going to do a video soon on some of my favorite fashion websites i like to visit. I have them in my Internet favorites..and they are places that inspire me and give me great ideas for fashion!! I will also post a blog with some pics and the websites. I will also put my favorite online shopping websites too for you guys! :)
Like I said in my video... I will be going to Portland this weekend. We are going to watch a blazer game, and do some shopping! so excited!! :) So you will probably see ANOTHER fashion video soon! Has anyone else noticed how my fashion videos come in waves....its like I do alot of shopping all at once. its kinda weird! :) OH YEAH, my hubby is going to be gone on business for like 3 weeks STRAIGHT! that is so i will have LOTS of time to make videos then too. so the next month is looking good for you guys!

have a great day ladies!


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  1. Love the TJ Maxx hauls! If you have the patience to sort through the "junk", you can definitely find some gold! That stinks about your husband being gone for so long, but I'm glad you'll be able to make more videos. I can't imagine my husband being gone for more than a couple of days. Love the blog, btw!