Sunday, February 14, 2010

I am so beyond frustrated and sad right now!

This isnt going to seem like a big deal to some of you... but i feel so MAD, SAD, PISSED...and anything else in that category of emotions. I tried and TRIED to get an answer on whether or not i could keep my videos with like 10 seconds of music at the beginning of my NO ONE would give me a straight answer. I got to the point where I HAD to delete them...and I am super sad about it. Us video bloggers put so much work and effort into making good videos... and its truely paining to take them down for a stupid reason like that. Some of them were my favorite videos...and the fact that i will either have to make them again... or re-upload them makes me SOOO MAD! I also didnt want to let all of my subscribers down either. Its frustrating when gurus you really like take their vids down... (I know one inparticular...and its dissapointing because i LOVE watching them). I cant imagine how Fafinttex3 (Audrey) feels getting her account hacked and all of her videos be deleted. Its really is devistating. I might be acting a little over dramatic here... but oh well. Im just venting!

I just want to thank you all for being understanding, and sticking by me and watching my vids! I promise more NEW and GREAT ones will be coming soon.... you wont even miss the old ones! ;) PLEASE let me know if there are any in particular that you are missing...and i will re-upload those ones first... or remake them. (Stupid me didnt save all of them...thinking i would never need them again) SO retarded by me... lol.

OH well... what can I do.

I hope you all have a great Valentines day!! xoxo

--Carah Amelie

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