Friday, March 5, 2010

Favorite Artists!

So....I know this has NOTHING to do with fashion or makeup. But alot of you know that art is a huge part of my life.... and I LOVE finding new artists that I love. It even sometimes inspires my fashion as well. These 3 artists that I am about to show you are my 3 ALL time favorites. I hope you enjoy, and tell me what you think. Also if you have an artist that you LOVE...I would be so happy if you shared. :)



I love Joshua's art because its so free and dynamic. He has a way of making a smudge of paint and turning it into an eye. There is also somewhat of a Gothic feel to his work... but he still manages to use ALOT of color. I also love that is colors aren't used in normal ways. He uses hot pink and neon yellows through out a face..and somehow it still looks like a face!! You don't see work like his often... and that's why I think its so amazing!!


Audrey is...without a doubt in my ALL TIME FAVORITE artist. Her work is beyond inspirational and beyond amazing. She has her own style...that is SO haunting and dark.... but still so girly. The way her characters are so stylized... but still so realistic is beyond me. I think her work is amazing. I would give anything to have a giant piece of her work in my house. I would just stare at it all day. haha


Graffiti has ALWAYS intrigued me. For some reason when i went to Barcelona Spain... the Graffiti had more of an effect on my that most other things that probably should have! haha. I love the colors, and the illustration feel of it. Blaine Fonata has that graffiti street style in his art, but its also very professional...and you don't see anything like it. Me and my husband were actually going to try to recreate a piece for a house... but i don't think its possible. He just has a way about his work that can be duplicated!
I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I LOVE art and there is no way around it. haha. Please let me know if there are any artists you look up to. Or any pieces of art you would die to have in your house!
Carah Amelie


  1. I def love Joshua Petker.

  2. OMG, Audrey Kawasaki's art is mesmerizing. There's definitely something about the depth in those eyes she creates... I can definitely relate to it.

    I don't know anything about modern art, but my friend Dustin Jackson (google dustin demon) can spit out professional cartoons. I love his art because it makes me laugh. He even made me into a cartoon!