Thursday, March 18, 2010

Eye Primer Test!!

This is just a photo of the size difference between 3 primers. top: Urban Decay Primer potion Middle: Palladio Bottom: ELF cosmetics

This photo was taken at the very end of the day before I took my makeup off!! Cant tell much of a difference... can you???


HEY LADIES!! so as you all know, Palladio Cosmetics and I have been working together... and they sent me over some eye primer to try. I was super excited because you all know how in love i am with primers and bases!! lol As you can see from the picture above... its FANTASTIC. You cant even tell the difference between the urban decay primer potion... and the Palladio Primer!!

The Palladio Primer is actually alot silkier than the urban decay primer potion (udpp) It almost has the consistency similar to too faced shadow insurance! its VERY easy to blend... and it doesn't feel like you are stretching your eye too much when you do so!! I feel like the udpp has a consistency more of concealer, and the Palladio primer has the consistency of a face primer! The only downside is that it is much smaller than the UDPP. I think you should definitely give it a try! Also the Palladio brand is MUCH cheaper that Urban decay... so its great for a girl on a budget!

You can get this primer at Sally's beauty supply! Or you could get it at

Carah Amelie

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