Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hey guys!! So if you fallow me on twitter you know the big new! i got partner on YouTube and i couldn't be more excited. But some people don't like it very much apparently and left me in the dust. haha. Which is fine whatevs... All I care about is my amazing supportive subscribers like you all!! Anyways... If any of you are concerned... please don't be. I pride myself on answering all if your questions, and helping out people who ask!! that's why i started YouTube in the beginning..and that's how i will always be. I am ALWAYS going to try my hardest and answer questions and comments...and be there for you guys! i don't plan on selling out or never will ignore you guys. I'm very appreciative of all of you...and i wouldn't have received partner without you!! so THANK YOU!!!! I will be doing a new giveaway for you guys very soon to show my appreciation. I wish i could hand over a gift to everyone... but I'm not that rich. HAHA. alright... that's pretty much all! thanks again ladies!
Carah Amelie


  1. Hurray Congratulation Carah!!! That's super cool =D I know you won't get commercial on us for sure so don't worry.

  2. WTG!!! That is awesome! Congrats!