Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Future Video Ideas...

40 beauty questions TAG
Box Color FAQ's and tips
Nail Polish Collection
Updated Makeup Collection
Black and Teal rich makeup look...hard to explain..lol
quick fancy hairstyles
Spring makeup look using dizzy by rimmel
Spring fashion video... what to buy and look for
how to style..Hotmiamistyles.com
Must haves for NEW makeup collections!
How i tie my scarves

Let me know if any of these sound more interesting than others, and which ones you would like to see first!



  1. Halo Carahamelie, im bloguer too let me invitet to mi blog www.thepaulacorner.blogspot.com im near to ÇBarcelona (Spain). My blog is abaut fahsión and sometimes beaty, hair and all of thinks. Excuse me my bad english. I saw your youtube videos and me suscribe sa garcon42. I hope yo.
    You are so smart dessing but why dont try sometime whit a owersize bellbotom jeans.

  2. ¿Do you speak spanish? willbe easy for me write in spanish.
    See you soon.