Friday, July 30, 2010

Vemomous Villians!

OK so, I know I'm a little late on this..... BUT OMG, I have been doing research on this line for quite sometime and I'm just stoked beyond belief! haha. I am a Disney lover through thick and thin. I'm pretty much obsessed with all things Disneyland, and my favorite vacation spot IS Disneyland. When i found out they were doing this line, I knew i would buy alot from it! But I'm not too keen on the packaging I must say. To me it looks a kind of... little kiddish. lol. Something that you would see at walmart in the kids makeup section or something. I think they could have done something MUCH more creative and dark with the I was a little disappointed about that. :( But the names are great, and so excited to see the actual colors in person.

I cant wait to see a Disney Princess collection in the future lol... who is with me on that? But lets up the packaging, and make it more GLAM! I can only imagine a pink blush in "loves me, loves me not" or a a shadow palette in "beauty and the crease" LOL just kidding... but seriously. ;)

Lets hear YOUR thoughts! :)

Carah Amelie


  1. I've been so excited about this make up line! The Malificent mineralized eyeshadow duo is calling my name! Also can't wait for the lipsticks!

  2. Oh my gosh I've never heard of this line?! Sooo cute! Are they expensive?

  3. When is this coming out?

  4. Can't wait getting it all!!! When can we get it? Thanks soooo much for this post!!!

  5. omg!!!! this is AWESOME!!!! my mother loves Mac and MILIFicent!!!! ahaha this would make a great give!! how soon will this be out?