Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A day in the life of Carah and Travis

I'm so sorry I have been so bad about updating my blog. I am hating my old small camera, and i think its taking worse and worse pictures by the day, so I hardly carry it with me anymore....and our Cannon Rebel is too big! But I PROMISE I will be better! :)

I thought this would be a fun post to do. Just a day in the life of me and Travis. Let me know what you think of this and if you would want to see something like this again?! Plus, its a fun little outfit of the day type of thing too if you want to look at it that way! haha.

We didn't really do much. We had the WHOLE day off, so we decided to check out some houses from the tour of homes in our city. We basically just wanted to see the over 1 million dollar houses... haha. here is the recap of our day!

This pic was taken at a little cafe for lunch. This was the first time we had ever been to this neighborhood...and we had NO IDEA it was like a little town of its own! We have been here for 2 years, so it was fun discovering a new place! Although the sammies were kinda gross... hahaha.

HAHA this is a random pic... but there was a bike race in the area that we had NO idea about, so we stopped to watch that a for a bit, and he snapped this random photo. Just me and my beloved Diet Pepsi.

LOL, this is so me and Travis. On the way to the first house we were touring we saw this amazing little Field of yellow daisies. being the random people we are we decided to stop for a pic. Yellow is one of my fave colors, so I couldn't pass up a pic in a Field of little yellow daisies.. i mean come on. LOL

LOL, this is a pic of us putting on out little booties before going into the million dollar house. ^_^

After the HOT day outside, we decided to stop my McDonald's for one of their new smoothies they just came out with. YUMMY!! definitely sop by sometimes, they are delish. And I am pretty sure they are pretty healthy for you too! :)

Hope you enjoyed this little random blog post! :)

Let me know if you want to see more!


  1. I really want to take a tour of the houses around my neighborhood. There are sooo many gorgeous mini mansions and I really want to see what they look like inside. Those smoothies are delicious...but they have a lot of sugar...wamp wamp. :o(


  2. Love this blog and would definitely love to read more like this!
    p.s. cute outfit!

  3. I loved this post!! I would totally be interested in seeing something like this again :) You can do no wrong Carah! haha.

  4. i totally would love to see more pics. this is so cute. i love your outfit too:D

  5. you look like you were trying to pee on the flowers...sorry that's what it looked like lol

  6. yeah, my hubby said the same thing.... lol

  7. I love seeing these kinds of pics on your blog! You two are so adorable! I love it! (: