Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Art Journal Post

So... I have received alot of requests for more art journal blogs, so I thought I would post one of some of my recent stuff... in my NEW art journal. :) The first photo is just a sketch... it will turn into something cool eventually. :) Hopefully if I ever get around to making a vlog channel I will do some art journal vids to show you how to do it and what not. Thanks for reading. ^_~

Carah Amelie


  1. Love love love!! A how to vlog would be awesome!!

  2. This is so inspiring.
    You are such a great artist.

  3. great pages. love that girl in fourth photo.

  4. Wow.. :)
    I have to agree with jenniferleeyt.. this is SO inspiring..
    I love to draw.. it is how I relax :)
    So I think I will make a journal like this :)

    take care

  5. this is an amazing post , absolutely love your art its sooo goood! i would love to be able to put together colours and textures like that for my books. Did you study art anywhere in collage or uni ?
    Im about to start an art course at uni in september :) x
    Sophie-lou x

  6. wow your art is soooo good x i absolutely love your style! did you study art anywhere like at collage or something?
    im about to start an art course at uni in september :) x

  7. Lovely, amazing!
    Only issue is that you spelled Upon as Apon.
    Looks great!

  8. amazing amzing work!!!!! I love the colors and fonts you created!

  9. they are so amazing!!!!
    i love your style so awesome :D

    my life blog:

  10. these are superrr cool it seems like so much fun

  11. This is really impressive :)
    i love idea, and your art way!

  12. wow, you are an amazing artist and have great talents! I love how you incorporated the colors and how you put everything together.